Summit Briefing Materials

The Summit Process

This is a description of how the Summit rolled out over the Fall of 2019.

Designing the Future Summit Protocol



Mayne Island Aspirations

These are the Mayne Island Community's aspirations for the next five years. (May take a few moments to load)

The task of this Summit is to answer this question: What will it take to realize the aspirations of the Mayne Island community?

Mayne Island Perspectives & Aspirations

Grants, Subsidies and Loans

Grants & Subsidies

Additional References

Previous Efforts

2009 Mayne 2030 Groupings of answers.pdf
2009 Visioning exercise "Mayne 2030"
2009 Mayne 2030 workshop visions.pdf
2009 Visioning exercise "Mayne 2030"
Mayne 2030 Panel discussion Jan 14, 2010.pdf
2009 Visioning exercise "Mayne 2030"
2010 Mayne Island Conservation and Sustainability Groups Presentation.pdf
2010 Mayne Island visioning exercise organized by the Conservancy
2010 Mayne Island Conservation and Sustainability Plan Handout.pdf
2010 Mayne Island visioning exercise organized by the Conservancy
The leadership of all the island's non-profits, societies and commissions were invited to a workshop on May 23, 2019 to share what their respective organizations had been working on and were planning for the near future. This is the outcome.

Other Strategic Plans

How one community (Howe Sound) structured their strategic plan
Part 1: Funded by the SGI Community Economic Sustainability Committee, "the SGI2020 Strategic Plan maps a path forward that reflects the priorities and goals of the islanders (2017). The role of the SGI2020 Strategic Plan is to identify the actions that will make the SG Islander’s mission, vision, and strategy a success."
Part 2

Background Information

A study of the demographics and health characteristics of the SGI population.
SGI Food and Agricultural Strategy.pdf
"The Southern Gulf Islands Community Economic Sustainability Commission (SGICESC) initiated the development of the Food and Agricultural Strategy for the Southern Gulf Islands Electoral Area to: 1) Re-establish local food and agriculture as a vital part of the Southern Gulf Islands economy; and 2. Support and increase the long-term resiliency of the island communities in this unique area."
Long-Term Food Security Initiatives proposed by the BC Government.
CDR regionalclimateactionstrategy_final.pdf
The need for climate change adaptation affects us all. This is what the CRD is planning.
Southern Gulf Islands Housing Needs Assessment.pdf
SGI Housing Needs Assessment

Final Report: community housing in the trust area


Affordable housing in the Islands Trust Area


Affordable Housing in the Trust Area: Strategic Actions for Islands Trust

TC RFD_3_2019_Housing.pdf

Trust Council: Request for a decision re: Community Housing Needs